Thursday, July 12, 2007

Development Education Newsletter

The DEA's Vision is of EDUCATION that encourages and enables all people to think critically and to aspire and work towards a more just and sustainable world.

For all of you interested please visit DEA itself, or simply sign up to their excellent Newsletter by emailing 'SUBSCRIBE' to: Also available online.

Online volunteering (via Facebook)

You will have to either LOG IN or REGISTER with Facebook first but this is a video shot by Raul Caceres & friends, Project Facilitator for the NABUUR project in Menengai, Kenya.
Facebook is fast becoming another excellent medium for social networking across the globe .. enjoy!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Class assignment

I just can't wait for all to arrive and experience this for yourselves ...

Message from Nancy :

Friday we had a writing exercise in my 7th grade English class:
I quarrelled with my brother/sister about___________.

We brainstormed on the board examples - they kind of show where I am:   guarding the shamba (farm/garden),  gathering firewood, feeding the cow (meaning going out to gather the food), grazing the cow, fetching the water, cooking the food, washing the dishes, guarding the house (people don't like to leave their compounds -land/home- as people come in and steal), mopping the floor (by hand with rag), digging in the shamba.  

Enjoy, Nancy

Sunday, July 08, 2007

AMREF's Virtual Tours

This really is thought provoking.
AMREF has included panoramic Java-enabled tours of the Kibera slum area of Nairobi. One of our volunteers will be spending some additional time assisting in one of the area's clinics prior to joining JNMCC in Maseno. There are just so many needy people in Kenya but it is essential to focus on one project or you can find yourself simply overwhelmed.

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