Saturday, October 25, 2008

Learning curve

Externally, chlorine dioxide (Clo2) is totally safe at low concentrations .. its used in our water supplies. I would highly recommend people don't inhale the gas given off when the chlorite is activated by the acid in an MMS kit as its an irritant much the same as our eyes go red if we swim under water in chlorine-treated public pools.

Jim Humble's dosing is working because its NOT at almost-placebo concentrations. On the flip side, taking 400%RDA (recommended daily allowance) of this product, daily, isn't a good idea either because the human body wasn't designed for it. Note here, the problem entirely is that there isn't an RDA (government health ministry recommended daily allowance).

Our immune system has to cope with a lot these days. Its interesting to point out here that all FDA-approved readily available (for around US$2 a day) anti-malarials cannot be taken long-term, Malarone, (great image !) a very popular brand, but not licensed for use longer than 28 days due to its toxicity and detrimental effects on our liver and kidneys (the bodies normal detoxification system).

I'm not the kind of girl who freaks out about cleanliness. If children today were allowed to play in the dirt like I was (mud pies, bug zoos) they wouldn't be so allergic or prone to infections. If more mothers breastfed (while on a healthy diet) kids would be stronger too as they'd instantly have all your antibodies too .. but .. thats another debate!

We pick up bugs and viruses, our immune system sorts them out and prepares us for the next time we pick them up. Viruses ingeniusly evolve into different strains to attack us again, and we'll fight them off again, so long as we're healthy enough and our environment is clean enough. There are deadly viruses all over Africa but common sense (and our Volunteer Handbook) reminds our volunteers to sanitize the water they drink, clean their hands regularly with alcohol wipes, don't let anything puncture your skin e.g. mosquito bites and be VERY careful sexually. People in poverty don't have the luxury of information, education or even choice to some extent. They live in unsanitary conditions with dirty water and with societal pressures so immense that rape is commonplace!

Jim Humble discovered something that was so simple it was effective. Who cares who the idea belongs to or how much money chlorine dioxide can generate?? Folks like Bruce Crighton of BioSafe should concentrate more on confirming recommended daily allowances, than on intellectual property rights.

I'm currently working with Jim to set up small businesses supplying Clo2 kits to rural clinics around Kenya, with ALL information provided freely. All components of the kits can be sourced locally. The clinics will be responsible for monitoring, dosage etc. If you wish to get involved contact us.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Putting Clo2 & SolarCookers together

Here's a great idea .. treat malaria & greatly reduce the chance of catching it again by giving people a simple way of pasteurizing their water supply, freely & easily. We'd need a massive network of people all over the world, in all the crisis points, in all the worst hit areas .. already have this, in operation. I've asked Solarcooking if they'll join forces.

Of course we've first got to answer the scary question "what if Clo2 (MMS) hurts us?"

We are 90% water.
I swim 3-4km/week in a local pool for exercise while my children play in the water .. Clo2 is used to sanitize that water. Chlorine dioxide (Clo2) is used because low concentrations kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Clo2 is used to disinfect our water supplies and exists in certain mouth washes to clear oral bacteria. Clo2 sanitizes food preparation facilities and is FDA approved as a spray in the meat packing industry to sanitize meat.

Jim Humble simply can't afford the $$$millions to get FDA approval for internal biological usage although its used to sanitize vegetables and other foods, farmers use it to cleanse the udders of cows during milking, to rid eggs of pathogenic bacteria & it was widely used during the Foot and Mouth & the HN5 Bird Flu pandemics.

We've all had flu or a common cold. Clo2, or its marketing name, MMS, has been proven .. PROOOOOOVEN .. to kill the virus causing flu & colds. It will kill any other bacteria, virus or protozoa. Like other products widely available, however, it can't stop you catching a cold, or getting cancer .. you'd have to live in an oxygen tank to do that! Suffering from the flu again and again every 2 to 3 days is what malaria feels like, except the body doesn't get much chance to recover, the immune system is overwhelmed and it can kill you. The World Health Organisation states that 300 to 500 MILLLLLLION clinical cases of malaria are reported each year simply due to patients being too poor to have clean water. 2,800 children under 5 die from malaria EVERY DAY in sub saharan Africa?

As Dr Hesselink's paper reads "Clo2 has been proven to be cidal to almost all known infectious agents in vitro using remarkably low concentrations. .. this compound is tolerable orally at effective concentrations". Dr Brady Hurst, a qualified clinical neurologist talks openly in an earlier blog.

Looking at it from another perspective, possibly the reason this product is so successful in Africa, is because the africans don't primarily think to sue Mr Humble if they get nauseous! They just want to get well. Too many "westerners" are just too scared to believe the truth these days for fear of being scammed or hurt. Too many western doctors are too scared to approve MMS for fear of being sued by a patient, which is interesting when you remember it was the FDA that said Phalidimide and Vioxx were safe?

Perhaps you're getting bored by now, or haven't time to read on anymore because you've another 147 emails to get through or blogs to write. Our lives are too busy, too stressful, yadda yadda yadda ;-)

..... If you're still reading & can stomach it, read some of the text documented after 100's & 100's of hours of scientific and lab based research that explains how and why Clo2 works internally at low doses and why nausea is a side effect. What happens to your body when you get food poisoning or drink way too much alcohol? You uncontrollably throw up, eventually get diarrhoea and are forced to detox. Your body will automatically cleanse itself .. the human immune system is f'ing amazing, but in todays world we're bombarding it with way too much, not getting enough natural nutrients, etc. etc. so we just can't cope .. and people are dying, in developed countries, by the thousands, from cancer, while in developing countries they're dying from cold viruses !! ..Cancer is not a disease, its the immune system being unable to cope anymore against the billions of pathogens that we have to share our planet with.

If you go out this weekend and get ridiculously drunk and spend the next day recovering, thats your immune system working overtime. It won't kill you unless you're doing it constantly and it can't cope. Taken internally, intermittently and in low doses, MMS has been found to be a powerful immune stimulant.
Give your immune system a helping hand.
Better yet help AVIF create an income-generating business for the people who need it most, putting kits together, helping others & spreading the word. Contact us if you want more info.

N.B. Self medication can be harmful if you don't carefully follow the advice given in the kits. Better yet .. get advice from a qualified practitioner first.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Running for AVIF

I hate Zoe !
(only joking, girlfriennnnnd ;-)
I sit here with my laptop and she reminds me how unfit I am, or is it uncommitted? Both her and James M are booked into the Edinburgh Marathon now. Actually I did do the Berlin Marathon in 1999, completed it in 2:53, but I was on inline skates pushing my baby son in a souped up pram ;-)

Our dashing duo have entered for the Edinburgh marathon, June 2009. They'd tried to enter the ballot for the Flora London Marathon (FLM) but it had already closed. In fact the majority of entries to FLM are unsuccessful due to its popularity so many look for charity places in order to ensure their spot on race day. For a mere £6,000 ?? AVIF could have a banner rotating throughout the official FLM blogs and forums as well as 3 places in the marathon, but unfortunately we don't have an advertising budget.

[If you DO have that kind of money to spend, please contact Paul @ +44 20 7202 7986]

P.S. Zoe and James entries to the Edinburgh Marathon were a bargain at just £39!! JustGiving give them 3 months free fundraising too. Zoe says she's "managed to run for an hour, I’m aiming for 4hrs 30 mins so just need to add 3.30 to it!! :)"

Zoe (on left) with the AVIF team, Summer 2007, Maseno, Western Kenya

Best Wishes and Big Kudos x

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What is MMS (Chlorine dioxide)

Thank you to Dr Brady Hurst for video-blogging this for us. Its self explanatory is the sense that "in a controlled environment" the product works.

Brady Hurst can offer sound advice in the use of this product, wherever you are on the planet, via his Telehealth services using Skype and video conferencing or plain old telephone.

Good medical advocacy is what is needed for this product. Thanks also to New Scientist magazine's Special Edition on cancer. The Editorial especially slates the current billion dollar drug trialling system saying that people are suffering through costly, ineffective trials for costly drugs .. the UK's NHS did a deal last year with Janssen-Cilag, insisting on paying only for patients who had success using J-C's new myeloma drug, Velcade, after it failed the UK governments NICE new cost-effectiveness test. The drug was found to cost more than £30,000 per quality patient life year !!!!!

ClO2, chlorine dioxide, or its marketing name "MMS" is available in kits costing £40 that last around 8 months using standard protocol. I'll do the maths for you .. thats £5 a month, or approximately £26 "per quality patient life year".

These kits contain the compound in a dropper bottle, a citric acid solution needed to activate the ClO2, with dropper/ measuring spoon, instructions & even a 3 minute timer to allow the compound time to activate. Dr Brady Hurst is not an advocate of self-medication but there is a reality that has to be understood. People won't always go to a doctors surgery! Speak with Dr. Brady for advice (consultation fees beyond an initial free chat) or just follow the instructions given by Jim Humble, for free.

The health industry refuse to listen so Jim's current project is to eradicate malaria from Malawi, then maybe they'll take notice (except that there still isn't enough profit to warrant clinical trials investment) .... so in the meantime I'd like to help Kenya get a piece of the healthy pie alongside earning the income generated from cheaply selling the kits. Everyone's a winner !

Read our other blog articles on this controversial issue.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tour d'Afrique

I'd like to thank Simon for his amazing upcoming contribution, after he cycles from Cairo to Capetown with Tour d'Afrique.

Funds raised will go to the Tour's own foundation as well as to AVIF. Read on about the amazing adventure Simon has ahead of him.

Note: AVIF's own cic. KO2 can offer a slightly less energetic group adventure biking through Kenya (on the noisier, quicker type!)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Curing the planet from disease

I'd like to introduce 2 new contacts that AVIF are welcoming working alongside.

Dr Brady Hurst is a highly qualified practitioner of functional & advanced alternative medicine. He runs a clinic in Atlanta, GA, USA that offers TeleHealth Services to anyone around the globe with access to the internet.

TeleHealth- Online Video Consutation Service.

AVIF are hoping to offer the Telehealth Service to all volunteers in view of taking our Duty of Care one step further than most, offering medical advice, travel health advice and psychological advice to deal with the rigours of humanitarian work.

A man who's definitely no stranger to these rigours is the incredible and aptly named, Jim Humble, an ex-gold-miner who fell upon the discovery that the commonly used household compound ClO2, chlorine dioxide, can be used to cure malaria amongst other diseases. Jim is not able to afford the millions of $$$$ needed for FDA approval which is why both the Canadian and Australian governments are barring all sales. The US Government is likely to follow suit as the new Codex law against selling nutritional supplements will soon be implemented. I was very sceptical until you find out that Jim's contracted malaria himself in Guyana and used ClO2 to cure himself .. and colleagues.

"MMS cures malaria, all species, within 4 hours", Jim is proud to say.   ".. clinical trials done according to Helsinki requirements in Malawi
were 100% recovery of all malaria victims tested.  I personally treated
more than 2000 malaria victims.  In the 75,000 victims treated by those
I trained, there were no deaths where there would have been 400 deaths
with standard treatment".

I agree with Jim when he says that use of this compound has been "a success worldwide because we have worked .. at the grass roots."  More than 15,000 bottles of
MMS are sold each month in the USA, yet its kept quiet because its not FDA approved. For further info contact Jim Humble via his Q&A site.

AVIF are hoping to get the product into communities in Kenya and initiate full training and monitoring of use of this compound. The sick amongst the communities, especially children, don't have time for us to spend billions on researching a product that is already proven to work.

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