Thursday, February 04, 2010

The first of 2010's volunteers arrive safely in Kenya

Bryn and Helena have arrived and settled in to their 2 month placement in Kenya. They will be assisting the Ingrid Education Centre and then moving upcountry to stay with the Tumaini community in western province close to Mumias helping the work of Amanda Flanagan.
They were also joined yesterday by 2 Facebook friends and volunteers for an australian youth sports organisation that provides a "unique non-violent way of disciplining kids through mixing sport with social skill development". Imbuhira (2nd right) and Ruthy (centre) work in the city and volunteer whenever possible. We're hoping to link up Ingrids into the youth sport activities as well as assisting Michael Nam's football academy in Naivasha.

We'll be updating you regularly but you can click onto the FaceBook group for more photos.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Kick it back to Kenya

Last Summer Philip (centre of pic), a PE teacher at Catcote School in Hartlepool, volunteered in Naivaisha, along with colleague, Andrew (right), delivering football coaching sessions and assisting with a local man's dream to create a football academy for the street kids.

They made strong links with the coaches over there, including their FIFA-trained local host, Michael. All three see football as "a fantastic tool to help the children develop socially and physically".

Since his return to the UK, Philip has been discussing the issues he witnessed with his own pupils, who decided they would like to help. As a class they decided on the project name ‘Kick it Back to Kenya’. They hope to receive donations of old boots, shirts, balls, cones "anything that you might consider to be worthless could be priceless to a child". They have posters around their local sports centres and are contacting the local media to raise publicity.

On March 21st the Catcote School will be participating in the Sports Relief Mile in Hartlepool, a chance for the young people involved to raise money to send over the first collection of items. Anything that can be donated would be extremely appreciated. Please contact us if you can help.