Friday, November 16, 2007

Update to Menengai NABUUR project

Just to let those who first went to Menengai know that a high production cow has been introduced to start improving the existing breed of cows, a guernsey. The number of cows is expected to double in the group through a combination of Artificial Insemination techniques combined with a good breed. The first 8 milking sheds were finished last week too so a resounding achievement.

A video here tells of the NABUUR experience in allowing people to help themselves.

Congratulations to a well managed project from Raul Caceres and Nicholas Nganga on NABUUR.

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AVIF's wild side

Plans are moving ahead positively for AVIF's adventure-based, sustainable-funding operation.
Fundraising and an incredible motorbike safari experience are now available for small groups, beginning Summer 2008 with KENYA ON 2.

Fundraising and a full bike license are pre-requisites but the arduous 2 week challenge promises to provide both an unforgettable trip as well as an opportunity to allocate even more resources e.g. solar technologies & educations, to all our host communities.

(LWD crew arrive in Africa) an example :

Day 4: Ngong Hills - Maparasha Hills (150 Km on earth track)

Drive towards Mount Kilimanjaro on a narrow track across the savannah between acacias and anthills. Expect to meet herds of livestock, antelopes or giraffes. End the day at Maparasha hills to pitch-tent. Evening excursion to the top of nearby hills to watch game. Capture the sunset on Kilimanjaro (19950 ft). Retire to the campsite for an African dinner around a wood fire.

Day 5: Maparasha – Loitokitok (190 Km on earth track)

A visit to a local school then drive on an animal trail in the savannah to view Mount Kilimanjaro. Wildlife can be seen all around. Arrive at Kibo Slopes Cottages in Loitokitok, the main Maasai township that sits on the foothills of Kilimanjaro.

Day 6: Kilimanjaro foothills - Lake Jipe (160 Km - earth and stones)

Enjoying the full-view of the mountain, drive towards Tsavo on a red soil trail covered with black volcanic stones. Arrive at the gate of Tsavo-West National Park and load the bikes on a lorry, cross the park by car towards Ziwani gate where the bikes are off-loaded. Head towards Lake Jipe in the Tsavo reserve on a sandy track .. Boat ride on the lake before sunset. Return to the bandas (cottages thatched with coconut palm leaves) right on the lakeshore ...

Take a look on the website and consider your plans are for next Summer.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Another round of thanks

Donations have come in again & we'd like to say many thanks to all the supporters for Emma K's skydive, raising money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance & AVIF.

The video of the jump is available on the link above.
Still think you should consider Space Diving next, Emma !!

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Countdown to Launch

Nick Sireau & Solar-Aid are launching, officially, at the incredible City Hall venue December 3rd and AVIF have been invited. We hope to work with Solar Aid to introduce technologies to our rural hosts. Cate Blanchett talks here about their work.

Richard Manda of the Bwelero KALIYA Youth Group, prepares a radio for simple connection of a solar panel. Next to him are two kerosene hurricane lamps, one of which (Left) has been adapted to provide clean bright LED light powered by solar charged batteries. Technology introduced by Solar Aid.

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