Friday, October 05, 2007

FREE durable, portable power from metal/air fuel cells

Trevor Jackson & Eric Cailhol of Metalectrique are highlighting the fruits of their labour & obvious skills, on You Tube with an example of one of their fuel cells in action. The battery is made using plastic pipe and standard parts (apart from the cathode).

The fuel is a mixture of crushed beer cans, and other household aluminium
waste. At the time of the video the cell had run for 48hrs non stop, producing
about 10Watts, all for free. Refuelling is simple with more scrap cans.

Though rural communities in Kenya produce more plastic waste than aluminium villagers still use aluminium food cans and many pit holes are dug to bury the waste. Free energy & a cleaner environment has to be good news.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I have a suggestion.


I'd like to Create a Cause for our charity, AVIF, but we're UK based, UK listed (HMRC XR99385) and operating in Kenya. How can we do this when we have to be US registered ?

We use Facebook for networking, 95% of our volunteers are on here from all over the world, also, but its a real shame we can't register a Cause.
Asante & salamu !
Alison Lowndes
Founder Trustee

VoIP & IM Skype : avif_volunteers_in_kenya
Member of the NCVO & DEA
Bookmark our Blog here
AVIF is a UK exempt charity able to claim GiftAid HMRC ref. XR99385

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Congratulations to NABUUR (neighbours) online volunteering

Way back in October 2006, James Omollo, contacted me on NABUUR. A year on James has created a virtual village with a host of global "neighbours", all chipping in their free time from the comfort of their homes / offices.

This virtual neighbourhood (an idea from the fabulous Siegfried Woldhek,ex CEO of Netherlands World Wildlife Fund) has now built a website for the project and has found a few sponsors with donations of learning materials by GraceUSA for the children of Nyakach
The project kindly invite you to join them in ensuring a good future for the children of Nyakach.

The NABUUR online volunteering system has similar villages throughout the world, it just doesn't get any easier to help others.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Crossing youth activism with the Gorillaz

Junction 49 has arrived; Timebank's new space for getting youngsters interested in making a difference. "Its brand new & being user-generated-content it won't be completely polished until people start using it!" says Madeleine Willis of Timebank, so take a look around & spread the word.

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OneWorld launches social networking site to tackle climate change

OneWorld, the international network for global justice, is launching a social networking
space for climate change tomorrow that will act as a ‘Climate Facebook’ to
inspire people to take action to protect the planet.
is a mass collaboration space dedicated to global citizens gathering and
distributing solutions to climate change,” says Anuradha Vittachi, co-founder of OneWorld and instigator of its climate initiative. “It shows what people and organisations all over the world are doing, and offers a response to the question, ‘Why should I go green if no one else is?’” Vittachi points out that climate change is set to be the greatest creator of poverty and suffering the world has ever known, undermining the good work done by development workers for decades. links directly through to OneClimate Island, built by OneWorld within the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Since opening to the public in June 2003, Second Life has grown explosively and today includes 100 universities, including Harvard.

OneClimate Island was soft-launched by OneWorld on 16 September 2006. “OneWorld was the first NGO to use Second Life for dealing with serious global justice issues, as well as creating its first space devoted solely to tackling climate change,” says Peter Armstrong, OneWorld co-founder and Innovations Director.
“It will come into its own when the United Nations meets on December 3-14 to hold its Climate Summit. We will be opening a virtual window on events in Bali for anyone in the world who can access Second Life. But unlike its Real Life equivalent - and appropriately for a climate change conference - it will produce no travel-related carbon emissions.”
[info via Anna Cohen, Partnership Coordinator for One World]

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Children's Message

LLK International and the incredible "Mama Brique" have been busy caring for the children, despite the constant struggle to regain control of the Virginia M Buena Centre in Nakuru. The children sent a message to sponsors who organised the meal party.

Donors donate funds to pay for a meal for all of the children, for example as a present for somebody, themselves or for their own sponsored child. When the meal party is celebrated a message to the donor or to the celebrated person is written on the board, the children do the only thing that they can do in thanks – pray for that person - and photos are taken of the children eating and praying and of the board message. This time it was for Inge Bahlmann, the sponsor of the two children at the board (Linus and Sarah).

There are different prices for different things, such as a full meal - about 80 euros, fruit – about 35 euros – milk – about 30 euros. A meal with meat added costs about 100 euros. This is meant in addition to the beans and rice that the children usually were given. The Center were giving at least 4 such meals a week & during the draught last year – for about 2 months – were feeding 2000 children every single day this way.

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Be a SuperHero

Global Cool and Vodafone have got together to collect used mobile phones. Funds from this are going to help SolarAid, a not for profit organisation which aims to relieve poverty through facilitating the provision of solar energy to those in need.
AVIF are hoping to work with SolarAid teaching groups
in Kenya to build, use & re-sell simple solar energy kits ..
recycling your old mobile phone will help fund this so
Simply take your old mobile phone, batteries and accessories to any Vodafone store in the UK.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Solar cooking for the Mercy home girls

Texts now sent to John Amayo, supervisor of the Kadibo solar
cooking project close to Mercy Home & Alison Curtis of SHEP (Solar
Health & Education Programme
). Hopefully we can arrange for Tetra Pak to donate
the reflective material to make the cookers so the womens group and the girls at Mercy Home also can learn to make / use and sell the cookers and food products baked in them too.

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