Friday, October 01, 2010

New experiences and progress made

After a wonderful Summer I'm definitely enjoying the colours of [Fall] Autumn and watching the little waterfall return in our local woods from the incessant rain UK is getting right now.

It's good also that volunteers are still travelling Kenya to volunteer during their spare time. Mona (a Winter/Spring 2010 volunteer) had only just emailed me about her plans to help the Volunteer Centre progress (or the VCVCK; Vision Community Vocational Centre of Khalaba), when Catriona confirmed her flight details. She'll be assisting the community throughout November and most of December, perfectly timed as Director and founder of the project, Amanda, is fantastically awaiting the arrival of her baby daughter at the end of November so she'll need all hands on deck!!!

I've also just sent over donated funds from Eleanor (a Summer 2009 volunteer) allocated to the Mercy Home Well project. The hydrogeological survey was completed September 24th and a photographer captured the girls fetching water for one of the last times from the spring. The bricks, sand, cement, wiremesh & ballast for the work have been purchased and we hope the work will commence soon. Catriona should be visiting the girls early December.
Unfortunately we're still waiting for the survey to take place at the Enkito community in Amboseli. Jeff of Staff of Hope assures us it will be completed shortly.
In addition to all this activity I've been studying at the School for Social Entrepeneurs. I was invited for the 6 month course and am so thankful I was as its turning into a vital force in progress, getting KO2 active, our community interest company, set up to support AVIF's work, as well as my own local community. More soon ....

What a day

Today started out with me thinking .. "its going to be one of those days" :( .. wasps nests, dogs barking, pandemonium .. and then I sat down and opened my Inbox. Wow.
The Force is strong in today's emails!

Firstly I'd like to thank those involved in offering us a "Better Net Award" from The UnLtd Millennium Awards Scheme which will help toward "Safeguarding" costs in the preparation of our Community Interest Company here in the UK, ultimately supporting AVIF's development work.

Secondly, I must thank 2007's fantastic volunteers; Nick Kempson, Charlie Wright and all those involved in fundraising for the Mercy Home Foundation. Alongside TRUCC and Vicki and KWAHO, who is supplementing the drilling, we are going to able to put in a well in at Mercy Home. This means the girls no longer have to get up early each morning to walk down to the river and then carry back the large, heavy containers of water each day. There is also the possibility to earn an income as a water supplier to their local community. This is just fabulous news.

In the meantime the hydrogeological survey is about to take place in Enkito to confirm costs involved in sinking a well in that community. After spending the Summer in the village, volunteers have confirmed water is still a big issue. Current piped-supplies of water are shared to taps around the whole area.  The tap 10 minutes away only supplies on a Tuesday! Can you imagine having to collect water in containers, enough to last an entire community a whole week. Impossible. We hope to help. If you wish to contribute please do so via the Donation site top left of this page.
Many thanks to Shiv for these details and her fabulous photos are available here.
(Siobhan and our liaison Jackson in Amboseli National Park, Aug 2010)