Saturday, June 05, 2010

Brilliant!! Kudos to

Brilliant!! Kudos to the 9 islanders swimming to Laxey Beach from UK (47miles) all for Africa

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Testing the awesomeness of Posterous

The internet is a myriad of ...I'll say goodbye to the Twitterers now unless you click the short code?

.... a myriad of branches and links going off to all kinds of places. Its hard to get your head around all the autoposting capabilities of publishing apps and its very easy to lose yourself in occurrences such as FriendFeed's double posting possibilities but I'm now trying Posterous "the dead simple place to post everything".
I'm writing this post to try and get my head around how complicated this is going to be. This post is "apparently" going to appear instantaneously all over my rather large and complicated net presence, namely; Twitter, FaceBook, my FB charity page (not the group though???), LinkedIn, Friendfeed (which could then cause infinite duplications), Plurk, Flickr, YouTube, Delicious and both the old AVIF blog and the KO2 blog .. (breeeeeathe) .. but not the main AVIF website. I won't bother putting links to all these "profiles" / places because this article is actually going to be published on each one of them, apparently?
So that means that personal stuff I want to share will go all over the place but AVIF's website articles will still have to be added separately, same with postings for the FB group (annoyingly) which still has more use, in my opinion, than a FaceBook page. Posterous also doesn't allow you to utilise FB's powerful tagging facility whereby sticking an @ sign infront of a name automatically tags the person, group, page, application, service etc. But if I stick hashtags everywhere perhaps I can throw it around #Twitter a bit more e.g. #posterous #facebook #bla bla bla
Let me get this straight? If I want to throw something out wide across the net I use Posterous, right? But then the Twitterers aren't even reading this part unless they click the short link several hundred characters back in this post. Surely the thing that keeps social media buzzing is social i.e. personal i.e. REAL stuff .. which you can't get in 140 characters .. how many Twitterers have actually clicked the short code and are actually reading this?
Do I simply use Posterous from now on? ..which is crazy as the whole point of Posterous is that I'm sending you this by simply writing an email in Gmail??
If I attach a little image too they'll somehow pass that onto you, although via email i've no idea where it'll go (at the end maybe)?
So .. let the learning curve continue ...