Thursday, November 06, 2008

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Afrigator just got Afrigreater

What is AfriGreater?

Africa's best social media aggregator has partnered with Africa's coolest T-shirt company, and are giving away t-shirts to their favourite African bloggers. Simply by writing this blog post about our BIG LOVE for Afrigator, we may just win (and of course are promoting their great work).

So wish us luck & have a great day, Justin, Lester & all the team!



I just received a full report from our 2 volunteers in Uhundha village on the shores of Lake Victoria, Bondo district in western Kenya. Wow!

Ben consults for ADAS, specialising in sustainable development and climate change. He just spent 2 months living within the Uhundha community, with partner, Katalin, who works within the European Business Assembly, which supports the development of economic, educational and cultural ties, a skill she put to work in the community. Their joint placement has resulted in a major proposal being submitted to the Bondo Fisheries Department and the European Union to construct a modern fish shed on nearby Honge Beach. "The hard working fishermen there are currently selling fish at very low prices (set by the buyers) .. due to the lack of a modern shed."

In addition, a fish-farming project (aquaculture), served by windmills pumping water inland, has been planned. Moi University is advising the community. Solar cookers were demonstrated and introduced and a fantastic re-vegetation project began with a tree-nursery planted at the Nyayo Primary School.

Ben & Katalin instilled self-reliance and initiative into the community, something we firmly believe in. AVIF has never been financially involved with a host. We provide information and opportunity, and we can do this at no or low cost, which is why we have no need to charge fees. As Ben & Katalin advise in their report, future AVIF volunteers need to continue instilling self-reliance .. "a big culture change for most".

Corruption does exist. It can also ruin a trip, marr your experience & can get under your skin! Volunteers should always check that what you're paying out to help others, WILL ACTUALLY DO THAT.

Lastly, on Ben's advise, rather than paying for a solar cooker, we can now help to distribute the wealth of carbon-trading business in the west, offsetting their CO2 emissions by giving solar cookers freely to developing countries such as Kenya. Utilising the global but locally-ran introduction & training services of SCI this should only improve the effectiveness of an already-fantastic concept.

I'd like to thank Ben & Katalin, and all our volunteers, for all their incredible help and generosity, past, present and future.

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