Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ben & Jerrys Climate Change College

Are you aged 18-30 ?

Ben &
Jerry's have developed the Climate Change College, and are now accepting applications from 18-30's with ideas
on how to tackle climate change. The prize is a business mentoring
programme (worth €21,000 per student) and a €7,000 monetary grant to
launch a unique project. The programme is largely virtual with a 1-1 mentor, except for a 3 day
workshop in Brussels in February and a two week scientific field trip
to the Arctic in April. All travel is covered by Ben & Jerry’s and
is offset through Cool Your Jets which invests in renewable energy

Read more about it via the "i genius" website

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thinkmakers - King Justice

Raul Caceres (Facilitator for Menengai project) & UN Volunteer of the Year award winner has been hard at work co-founding the production company with best
friend and film-maker Miguel Herrera.

Their latest production of media with a social message, is a short documentary called :

An overview of the life of a disabled musical director who leads a
group of young adults after suffering the consequences of a brutal
civil war in Africa ... now selected for the Miami Short Film Festival &the Yahoo and Telemundo Short Film festival.

Take a look at the piece here (in English but website in Spanish)
If you like the film please support the message & vote for it by clicking the
word “vota” (vote) before November 16.

Press releases are available to send to any media
contact you might know, email Raul or Miguel on

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Monday, October 29, 2007

AVIF & STA Travel

Hoping to link with STA for flight discounts (anyone under 26 or student status automatically gets discounted flights) with an easy-to-book link-up planned. Nice to see STA Travel already using Facebook's massive reach.
Hold fire for more details.

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