Friday, February 29, 2008

Karma and track vehicles

Once in a while you meet someone who really makes sense, has a vision, knows how to tackle it, even if not solve it straight away .. but not afraid to try. Calvin Townsend's been messing about on bikes all his life, along with his father & brothers. Its in his blood. After surviving this Calv realised a few of life's lessons and now not only runs the family business, Vipex designing and manufacturing specialist vehicles and trailers but is planning a suitable transportation system to get a mobile health clinic around the rural areas of Kenya. 5 locations have been selected for the pilot run including Mwihila; located in Butere-Mumias District, Western Province of Kenya where 50% of the population is infected by HIV/AIDS & a whole generation is being wiped away. Thika; a slum area near Nairobi city, Winam about 375km from Nairobi & a new community being monitored via NABUUR's online project management system, Kayole-Soweto, in Nairobi's Eastlands

Having researched some of the Riders for Health videos its clear that “only bikes can get through”. This only "pressed my challenge button", Calvin scoffed. He's now working on a converted six wheel drive landrover and looking at how to drive the wheels of the actual trailer too, giving the overall unit a 10 wheel drive capacity. "Flotation tyres might give us enough buoyancy to sort of drive/ float" over the common deep sands, rocks and mud (when the rains come).

Plan B is the PT44 truck on test with the Indonesian army Here is a clip of the truck in test… (don't worry the "pretty" music soons toughens up as the truck does)

The 60% slope test is really impressive but I've no idea where the missiles went ???? Watch right to the end when it bow-waves the cameraman over !!!

Watch this space for progress on the project.

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After being turned down by Ambira School, Edward has managed to find a place for Pius to study in the more highly recommended Ukwala Secondary School. We have to make arrangements to cover fees & uniform but also other personal needs such as a mattress for Pius to sleep on, school shoes, text books among other things.

At least we know that Pius is no longer settling for a lifetime of frying chips on the roadside.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


AVIF is proud to be offering volunteers a discounted guided route up Kilimanjaro with Mary Kariuki, a registered & certified, as well as highly experienced mountaineer.

Mary runs StandOut Adventures pictured here at the summit with a client, Simon. There are several routes on offer, each a minimum of 5 days, Mary is highly experienced taking people from all over the world up to the highest point in Africa, especially those needing acclimatisation.

Mary grew up around Mount Kenya and later trained at the American National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). This is a world recognized mountaineering college specializing in all outdoor pursuits. The course covered all aspects of mountain climbing and first aid.
Mary is rated the best female guide on both Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro.
Mary's team is vastly experienced, courteous and attentive though she organizes and conducts every expedition.

Please contact us should you wish to take on Kili before or after your volunteering.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Listen to Siegfried Woldhek's interview on NABUUR; person to person, online neighbours creating solutions.

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