Saturday, September 27, 2008

I love a success story

My good friend, Brique, just emailed me about her organisation's fantastic achievements.

Despite a traumatic fight against corruption, Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V. (Live & Learn in Kenya) are now shining in the glow of smiling faces around the communities they're helping.

Here are the children at a party arranged by LLK after funding was secured for 490 warm, waterproof jackets for all of the children and the staff. Kenya does get seasonally cold & wet enough to cause pneumonia.

Not only have almost all (but 9) of the children gained foster parents, they also now have a plot of farm land each to grow their own food on (LLK rent the land, initially provide seeds and fertilizer then 1/4 of the harvest goes into the collective to feed the children).

LLK's Girl's club is also a huge success. Vocational as well as sexual health training is being provided. Here is Lucy, now a fully-fledged hairdresser with her own salon, provided by her very generous sponsors who not only paid for her training, but also salon equipment and a few month's rent.

To celebrate World Peace Day a huge celebration was organised where all of the children, their siblings and parents/guardians were invited. They all cooked and ate together. Different tribes singing peace songs
to each other & dancing their own tribal dances .. a video is coming soon once Ken finishes editing.
Soul-warming success - something I hope AVIF can aspire to achieve.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner

Extremely low-priced gifts from Kenya for all your friends and family. Get Christmas organised early and visit the ADUPO site now.

An alternative gift idea is to buy the welfare of a needy child for someone.
This is Esther.

She is one of four children living in a vulnerable home (they spend most of their nights in the cold due to their father’s heavy drinking taking up funds). Many children are housed in badly-named "orphanages" in Kenya while parents are still alive .. reality is simply that the parents cannot afford to look after their children due to the ravages of illness and poverty. Both parents are jobless and Esthers mother struggles really hard to maintain the family despite physical abuse from her husband. In addition to love and constant care, Esther requires assistance to continue learning, her Mother has asked for help from our good friend Wangechi in Nyahururu.

If you would like more information please contact AVIF. There are currently 18 children needing financial assistance at Wangechi's "Merryland" Children's Home.

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