Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swine flu - malaria - resistance to drugs - Hello?

With the hysteria about to escalate over swine flu, I'd like to bring back chlorine dioxide, or its marketing name MMS, to the fore. Its really incredible stuff and despite the unlicensed factor is totally capable of ridding anyone from anything from a common cold to malaria, verrucas, athletes foot, internal sexual viral infections. Swine flu (which is killing less people than standard seasonal flu) would be equally wiped out.

The only down side is that chlorine dioxide does the job for you, so your first defence, your immune system, doesn't build up your own antibodies/immunity, leaving you open to attack again as with the common cold .. BUT .. chlorine dioxide will have also wiped out 99% of any other viral pathogens you're carrying around so boosting your immune systems ability to get on with defence. Double whammy!

We're pushing its use in Kenya without support from WHO, who say their testing came out negative on mice a few years back. The Malawian government are backing MMS' long term use with discoverer Jim Humble, in order to eradicate malaria. Onyla couple of drops of the solution can also purify any water supply, as it does with our own UK supply.

 .. its certainly controversial but it makes me laugh out loud whenever I see articles about resistance to Tamiflu etc. At the beginning of this new pandemic Tamiflu's owners were rubbing their hands. Not so much anymore. The fact is our licensing process of way out of synch with the faster viral process of evolution. Such drugs are ill equipped to deal with viral infections speedy metamorphosis on reaction to drugs .. yet we have a perfectly simple solution at our fingertips.

Unfortunately MMS can be made in your own kitchen (though we don't recommend it, Jim Humble explains how in his book). Because of this simple manufacturing process MMS won't make huge amounts of profit for the pharma giants so it'll never appear on our shelves, but is available online. My young family suffer from one or two ill health periods a year, if at all, which are quickly treated with a dose or two of chlorine dioxide. Even my dog was treated when he first arrived with skin complaints.

I'm dead against drug use, antibiotics especially and definitely chemo. Those who know me well know why. Its common knowledge how cancer cells work and how oxidation can aid recovery. Brady Hurst, a functional practitioner in Atlanta, GA, explains here

MMS Chlorine Dioxide Dr Brady Hurst True Health Center

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