Friday, September 14, 2007

Update from Maseno

Hello again!
I cant believe how quickly the days are passing.....I am amazed though at the constant rain, the mud is driving me crazy - it seems it has gotten into absoulutly everything and has stained all clothes..... and I have been quite cold - hmmm not what I expected for the equator - however we are so high above sea level!
Teaching is wonderful - we brought in coloured paper and pencils - getting the kids to make mobile's to decorate the classrooms, nothing will stick on the mud walls so this is another attempt - the kids are so happy with the colours wow - you should see their expressions - priceless! we have brought some paints as well but will get that out next time - and do some murals for the walls - hand prints, names etc - as there is an average of about 70 students per class this should be interesting!
The sports equipment is being well used - hard to teach though as the lower primary and upper primary have slightly different timetables and as 1/2 school is on break - there are kids all over the place - let alone trying to keep teaching the huge classes we have - there are so many wanting to play - I think the other teachers find it amusing seeing us so confused! Ha. I tell you though when there are several groups - playing soccer, volleyball, tunnel ball, etc - it is wonderful - we have donated volleyball net and ball, soccer ball, tennis balls and a few bats - The whole school is so thankful and happy! looks more like a carnival than a P.E. lesson!!! And boy these kenyan children are so amazing at sport - wow!!!!!

As I have mentioned before there are over 90 orphans at this school out of around 600. We have donated the money for a chicken coup to be made and stocked with laying hens. We are hoping the sale of the eggs will provide the money for the orphans lunch scheme, also eventually some ongoing school supplies. Also this will teach the children how to manage chickens for their own homes etc. Income generating schemes are vital as they are long lasting and really benefit the community as a whole. here are several things I would like to see the Mercy home start - talking with edward about a sewing machine and a chicken coup as well as a few other idea's.... Pity it all costs.........
The girls at the home are wonderful, holidays are over - hmmm who would know - they go to school, at an extra charge, of course, over their holidays? Leaving home at 5am ish and not arriving til 6pm - then homework and only sunday off - Overkill I think, they are so tired, and Im sure they can not contain so much when exhausted. Getting to really know the girls more and more and feel it will be extremely hard to leave, especially some of them who have been caught up in my heartstrings for awhile now.........
Went to Kakamega forest last weekend, a beautiful untouched virgin rainforest. Saw 3 species of monkeys, many butterflys, birds and amazing medicinal plants and trees....the guide took Zoe and I into a bat cave - ohhh sometimes I just dont know why I do these things.....eeehhhhh bats millions, well not quite - but seemed to be flying far too close - couldn't get out of there quick enough!!!!!!!!! The views were awesome, had a great time ...  smiles always Marie

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Recycling drinks cans into metal / air fuel cells

Founder Trevor Jackson took his fuel cells to Paris in June 2007. An african delegate suggested they were "a solution to her country's needs since they have lots of waste aluminium cans but no fuel for remote electricity production".

There are NO POLLUTING EMISSIONS and all by-products are recycled.
For further technical information and order enquiries contact Metalectrique

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mobiles for all, the way to kick start entrepeneurship

UN Millennium Villages programme. Free mobile network infrastructure and solar chargers.
The initiative, a collaboration between the Earth Institute at New York's Columbia University and the UN, started in 2004. The first Millennium Village was started in Sauri, Kenya,
One year on
A year since the project began, Sauri is undergoing a transformation.

Simultaneous projects in agriculture, water, health, energy, transportation and education are changing the face of the village .... read more

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Maasai Products from Kenya

We're just helping top market Michael and Ann Njogu's website, selling Maasai and other crafts all handmade by theur family and friends.
Take a look.

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The low cost, rural AfriGadget "mobile" phone

Many thanks to Afrigadget for promoting this great income-generation idea, suitable for the rural Kenyan areas too, where people can't afford their own mobile phones.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Asante sana

Many many thanks to UIA Charitable Foundation for their kind donation of GBP 1000 which will allow us to complete the roof on the new extension at the Jehovah Nissi Mercy Childrens Centre in Maseno, Kenya. I just spoke with Edward the director there who wishes to thank everyone involved for all their support.
The girls all miss you so so much.

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