Thursday, July 15, 2010

From boys to men

We've finally received news on the results of donations for Pius and Norbert. Simon and co. kindly donated funds after the unfortunate fire at Pius' school, Ukwala Secondary School, claimed all his belongings. He now has 2 new sets of uniform, new shoes, bedding, another mattress, bag and some extra pocket money. Pius will be sitting his fourth form KCSE exams next year. Norbert Oile, also sponsored by Simon and friends, joined Jordan College last Sunday in Thika to train in Tours and Travel Operations, a career with a definite future in Kenya!

We wish them all well and thank guardian and AVIF liaison, Edward Wata.

Asante & salamu

Alison Lowndes
Founder Trustee

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Ben's band "Reason"

Presenting "Reason" ...
Download now or listen on posterous
Reason_Beat_1.mp3 (5521 KB)
Jacob Bowerman & Lawrence Beeling  on Bass, Richard Ellis & Oliver Bowerman on guitar, Matt on vocals and my own Ben Lowndes on drums!

"Beat" is their first and original track written and composed by the boys age 12-13 from Yr 7 Nidderdale High School. Recorded by Rich Huxley AKA TheHuxCapacitor in the awesome Crypt Studio (link to a cool 360 panorama), in Leeds 12 July 2010.
P.S. Message from Ben, "you edited out my best fill ?!"