Saturday, May 19, 2007

AfriGadget - solving everyday problems with African ingenuity

Really not sure about how this works (live bookmarking etc) but this is a great idea for spreading the word .. About BlogAfrica

This leads me to AfriGadget which then ... arrrghhhh .. why is the everyday world not as efficient as the internet .. I can do so much just with a laptop and my fingertips but it takes so long to drive places that I have to leave now just to be able to fit in everything I have to this weekend, back and forth driving to get to see & do everything I need to today (including seeing my darling Uncle because my Aunt died a few days ago).

Have to go offline now .. as soon as I get back I'll be sifting through Eric Hersman's site and no doubt making contact to help in some way .. Neeeeed ... more .. .hours .. in .. the .. day !

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Kaunda said...

Opps, I've been slow to do any blogging lately. BlogAfrica is yet another one of the fabulous things that Ethan Zuckerman has brought to life. It's been around longer than the blog aggregators like Afrigator.

It's a good point about rushing in to "help" without understanding culture. I think something that many in the West don't appreciate is how large the African continent is. One of the good things about BlogAfrica is hearing views from people in many countries. Somehow, it seems to help understanding Kenyans to hear Nigerians, Ugandans, or Gambians blog. It helps to put culture in perspective. There are differences and many things people all share in common.

In a similar way, it seems helpful to follow what other community initiatives through their blogs, even if they aren't in the same country because despite differences, there are so many issues we share in common. There are also many solutions to every problem.

Thanks for the mention. I'm so happy you put up the Flickr Badge! Some of those pictures are so wonderful. I studied to be a teacher, so seeing the kids make the puppets was great fun for me. And the picture, "Donated School Supplies" speaks volumes.