Friday, April 04, 2008

Sponsored children in Njigari Primary

Photos of the children, Grace & Peninah, and other parents at Njigari Primary School have just been sent to me. The schools are closed now and the children are on holiday for one month but Wangechi has been busy putting up 3 temporary classrooms but they need more funding to put up pit latrines .. if anyone wishes to donate please contact Danielle Hoffman on

Facts about Njigari :

Majority of the dwellers of Njigari derive a living through picking tea leaves from a few small scale farms found here. They earn less than 1 dollar a day on average.

Standing near the edge of Aberdare Forest Njigari is a 2-hour drive South West of Nairobi, on an elevation (altitude) of 8,500 ft above sea level and overlooking the beautiful Mt. Kenya.

Currently there are 306 pupils, 147 girls and 159 boys.


Anonymous said...

Alison is once again busy helping people to help themselves! Thank you so much for being so active for so many needy children.

AVIF Volunteers in Kenya said...

Not half as busy as you, Mama Brique

Anonymous said...

Alison, the kids on the photos at the bottom are kids from Merryland Kindergarten as well. Pat will arrive in Nyahururu on Sunday afternoon. Hence, if anybody wants to contact her through Wangechi, this would be as of Monday, when she will be at the kindergarten for the whole week. However, people are free to email Lisa, her daughter, at any time.

Thanks so much for all your help! Daniele