Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The new look JNMCC

Jambo - Habari (from Marie)

... You have probably seen my few pics on facebook - but wanted you to have a look at these first - ah where do I start........

I took a taxi motorbike from Maseno to Mercy Home - girls came running with open arms, huge smiles and big cuddles - tears flowed.......then when I looked down at these gorgeous girls, to my surprise - they were all new ones! LOL

Major structural changes - I hope you can see from pics. I was amazed. when I asked Edward why so many new starts - a brick chicken coup - computer room, tailoring room, and new small place for Edwards dad (his home is crumbling slowly) and a few small other rooms......he said that various volunteers wanted to leave something so ..we have many projects on the go - but lookin great and a real advance for the future. The chicken coup, pc and tailoring room have potential to earn some money - yay!

Yes things have gone up there as well as world wide - food has gone up a lot ... However the girls are vey healthy and well. And I cant believe how much they have grown - the little ones like Melissa and Iyeta - Wow.

.... the girls are all on the board overseeing the running of the place as well as other board members.

..I donated a laptop .. it runs on windows XP, and fairly up to date. They also have a dvd player now - I wish I had known as I would have got them Lion time! Anyway - If anyone can keep there ears to the ground, and any older, unused or uwanted laptops are going out - collect them for whoever goes next. This way they will start a net cafe - and lessons to all the girls as well as outsiders - bringing in some needed funds. ....PLEASE please please - a few texts or letters to the girls to let them know we havent deserted them. This is one of the saddest things - I am also at we get caught up in our fast paced lives, and yes we think of our wonderful time, and wonder how they are all doing - life there is slow - they fear that they are not thought about when us volunteers leave - so even a short sms to say hi is always welcome. ....

We are so fortunate and blessed to have lived with these great girls and experienced such a colourful way of life.......
Love and smiles always

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vic said...

Marie, do you remember what make/model your laptop was that you donated to MH? It apparently stopped working in March. One of our members of TRUCC delivered 2 new Compaqs (and they are in good use!!), donated by one of our families, but when I return in 3/2011, I was hoping maybe I could get yours running again... fingers crossed? Thanks tons, Vicki