Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Road to Hell by Michael Maren

Shaking up the inertia, as he does so well, I first blogged about Michael a few years ago.

A former food monitor for the United States Agency for International Development
, Michael provokes debate about Aid in Afica. One such discussion comes from AVIF volunteer, Alec, recently returned from 5 weeks in Kenya, mainly rural and Mike, a Board Member for AVIF's CIC, KO2.

M: That is a great article. Some of the poorest Asian countries seem to have
been able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps with relatively
little aid - Cambodia is going to be an interesting case in point when
I visit again eight years on. Corruption on a grand scale but people
who were incredibly, remarkably inventive at making the best of what...
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A: Good article and well put Mike. My own feeling is that withdrawing all aids
to Africa at this late in the day may not be the solution. Perhaps
everyone from both sides needs to stop seeing just $ signs and change
their perspective on what they regards to as aid, and welcome the idea
of just providing and receiving education as a mean of aid......

The discussion continues on FaceBook here ...

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