Sunday, August 15, 2010

Culture shock in Nakuru

Photos have been uploaded from the volunteers assisting LLK in Nakuru currently.

We were all very grateful for the peaceful referendum period around August 4 but unfortunately the common problems with money and jealousy (due to poverty) have cropped up again. Its very commonplace for some Kenyans to attempt to "rip us off", mainly due to the blatant lack of money they have compared to us. Previous volunteers have written about this topic many times, it is simply part of the "culture shock" and something we have to be tolerant and open-minded about. "No" is a perfectly acceptable answer to prices offered in Kenya and bartering, sometimes ruthlessly, is a way of life. Raised prices for muzungu are also a fact of life in Kenya, apparent at the entrance gates to any wildlife park!
Please ensure this facet of "developing world" life doesn't ruin the experience for you and talk to us and especially to previous volunteers about it via the Facebook group.


BabaMzungu said...

Not only does the poverty of the region lead to inflated prices for the wazungu, but if anyone, regardless of colour is unfortunate enough to have a car accident in the area, their pockets and car will be emptied before any attempt to rescue the victims is made. I speak from experience when I lost £250, my passport, driving licence, digital cameras, satnav, cell phones, etc.
Although I was not threatened, pangas were in evidence. I just quietly let them help themselves.
At least they were decent enough to get a coach to stop to take us to the hospital in Nakuru.
I don't condone theft, but I understand it. I passed through the area again a few days later, in daylight, and was shocked by the standard of living in the area, and I am a seasoned traveller in Kenya.

AVIF Volunteers in Kenya said...

Ha ha haaaa .. you don't condone theft but child abuse and molestation is ok, right??
I heard you'd been arrested and almost brought poor Vincent down with you. They should have left you marked by pangas, David Steggall, they probably ran you down on purpose after finding out what you'd been doing to those innocent children.
Get the hell away from my blog post, far far away!